Robert Hao’s performance of Indie Ditties

Posted on April 8, 2022


CutCommon, 15 March 2022

Are You A Hipster? Nicholas Vines’ preludes are literally about you.


SoundsLikeSydney, 22 March 2022

Nicholas Vines & Rob Hao on Vines’ Indie Ditties


SoundsLikeSydney, 21 April 2022, Stephen McCarthy

“…¬†well crafted, idiomatically written and, perhaps most importantly, willing to push the boundaries of what is acceptable by speaking in languages the audience nonetheless understands.”

“… destined for a well-deserved place in the Australian piano canon.”


classikON, 2 May 2022, Alexander Lau

“The music was as fascinating to watch as it was to listen to…”

“…cleverly engineered… highly ironic… uncannily vivid…”

“… worthy of the enthusiastic applause it received.”