Fulsome Weight

1 November 2023

for marimba & digital percussion

Crowning Perpendicular

7 May 2023

for carillon

commissioned by Grace Chan


15 December 2018

twenty-one miniatures for piano with rolling preparation

commissioned by Clemens Leske

Indie Ditties

19 March 2017

Twelve Scapes for piano


     I. Grease On The Handlebars

     II.  organic, VG, fair trade

     III. Bad Appletude

     IV.  20/20 frames

     V.  HRH Prince Albert

     VI.  … my love is like a dead, dead pose…

     VII.  Crucifixie 

     VIII.  skinny, skinny jeans

     IX.  … for the freak shall inherit the earth… 

     X.  Bob Springmones Holed My Pink Stones

     XI.  Microbrew IV

     XII.  Too Much Ink


1 January 2012

for mixed percussion

Commissioned by Iain Scotland & Jamie Bulman

Uncanny Valley

1 January 2011

Variations & Theme for pianoforte

     I.  An Industrial Robot

     II.  A Humanoid Robot

     III.  A Stuffed Animal

     IV-VI.  A Corpse, A Zombie, A Bunraku Puppet

     VII.  A Healthy Person  

Commissioned by Zubin Kanga

Released by Move Records

Selected Other Performances:

Ryan McCullough ~ Issue Project Room, Brooklyn; 23 May 2016 & 

Carriage House, Ithaca; 18 May 2016 & 

Festival Barn, Token Creek Chamber Music Festival; 25 August 2015 & 

Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory; 20 June 2014

Zubin Kanga ~ Stuart and Sons Showroom, Newcastle; 24 July &  

Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne; 29 July  &

Sydney Grammar School; 18 Nov 2011

See Press for review

Les Effaceurs

1 January 2011

for solo guitar

Commissioned by Maarten Stragier & the Boston Classical Guitar Society

Selected Performances:

Maarten Stragier ~ (I., II.) Gore Place, Waltham, MA; 3 April & Old South Church, Boston; 16 April 2011

Maarten Stragier ~ (I.) Hingham Library, Hingham, MA; 19 Feb & Boston Center for the Arts; 5 March 2011

A Queen’s Paranoia

1 January 2007

for solo violoncello

Commissioned by Jason Calloway

Selected Other Performances:

Matthew Beckmann ~ The Stone, New York, NY; 3 March 2010  

David Russell ~ Icicle Creek Chamber Music Festival, Leavenworth, WA; 22 July 2009

Monsoon Melancholy

1 January 2006

for pianoforte

Reflection (after Rupert Brooke)

1 January 2004

for organ

Commissioned by Carson Cooman


1 January 2002

for solo violin

Commissioned by Matthew Hindson


1 January 2001

for organ

Terminus In Time

1 January 2000

suite for solo ‘cello


Commissioned by the Tait Memorial Trust

Awarded the 2002 Bohemians Prize (Harvard)

  1. Anitpathy
  2. A Recollection: Frame – Proper
  3. A Recollection: Frame – Proper
  4. A Recollection: Frame – Proper
  5. Acceptance

Selected Other Performances:  

Jason Calloway ~ Paine Hall, Harvard University; 7 April 2007

Jennifer Lucht ~ Paine Hall, Harvard University; 17 Nov 2001


1 January 1999

for solo pianoforte

Commissioned by Father Arthur Bridge & Ars Musica Australis
  1. Soletta (Prelude and Double Canon)
  2. Windmill (Scherzo)
  3. Cyanophyte Primares (Passcaglia)
  4. Permafrost Pump (Rondo-Sonata)

Selected Other Performances:  

Stephen Drury (in part) ~ The New Hall, Sydney Grammar School; 23 Nov 2012

Yukiko Takagi ~ Williams Hall, New England Conservatory; 17 June 2008

Yukiko Takagi (in part) ~ Brown Hall, New England Conservatory;  24 June 2006 & University of Alaska, Fairbanks; 4 Feb 2007

Blair McMillen (in part) ~ Paine Hall, Harvard University; 27 Oct 2001

Kimbali Harding (in part) ~ Great Hall, University of Sydney