HSC Repertoire


The following are works appropriate for performance and/or study within NESA’s Stage 6 Music curriculum. 

Please contact the composer at to purchase PDFs of scores, recordings and analyses (where available).


DubStop UnderDrive for tenor trombone and pipe organ

Indie Ditties: Twelve Scapes for piano

Of Mount & Meadow for mixed chamber ensemble

My iPhone, Where Are You? for low female voice & piano

An Essayist’s Prayer for double chorus & orchestra

Doing The Suss & Sassy Sway for alto saxophone & piano

Rustling The Deities for clarinet & piano

Narran Place for SABar choir & chamber ensemble

Dowager Sheng Is Just! for violin & piano

On The Death of Pikachu for baritone & piano

He Calls Me Still for SSA choir 


In Defence Of Toads for boy soprano & ensemble

The Law Of The Tongue for string quartet

Dysart’s Changelings for piano quartet