Loose, Wet, Perforated Revival

21 September 2016

So thrilled Guerilla Opera revived Loose, Wet, Perforated, the work I wrote for their 2011 season, at the Boston Conservatory, Sep 21-24 2016! This was an entirely new production with many […]

The Law Of The Tongue in the Sydney Opera House

30 July 2016

In addition to the premiere in Brisbane, the intrepid Acacia Quartet performed The Law Of The Tongue in the Utzon Room of the Sydney Opera House on July 30, in a wonderful programme titled […]

Acacia Quartet & The Law Of The Tongue

9 July 2016

It is my great pleasure to acknowledgement the premiere of the string quartet The Law Of The Tongue! Having played the second movement in the 2015 Limelight Australian Composition Seminar, […]

The Butcher Of Brisbane & In Defence Of Toads at Sick Puppy 2016

24 June 2016

Once again, New England Conservatory’s Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice, aka SICPP, aka Sick Puppy featured some of my music, kind souls that they are! The Butcher of Brisbane got an […]

Recording of A King’s Manifesto

26 November 2015

Check out Halcyon’s new album, Kingfisher – Songs of Halcyon, released by Tall Poppies! It features works commissioned for the ensemble’s 15th birthday, including my own contribution, A King’s Manifesto. 

Uncanny Valley at Token Creek Chamber Music Festival

25 August 2015

Very excited Ryan McCullough performed Uncanny Valley 25 August 2015 at the Token Creek Chamber Music Festival! It featured in a recital by Ryan and soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbons, alongside a new […]

Tokyo Performance of Obsidian Magnified

12 July 2015

The wonderful and irrepressible Reiko Manabe, in collaboration with violinist Maiko Matsuoka, performed “Obsidian Magnified” in Tokyo’s hall60 on 12 July at 2:30pm. If you were in town, hope you checked […]

Dysart’s Changelings in the Boston Globe

17 June 2015

Can’t help but be thrilled Callithumpian Consort’s performance of Dysart’s Changelings in SICPP 2015 received a favourable and artfully worded review in the Boston Globe!! Special thanks to Micah Brightwell, Ashe […]

Sick Puppy Performances of Dysart’s Changelings and A King’s Manifesto

15 June 2015

Very much appreciated the performances of Dysart’s Changelings and A King’s Manifesto in 2015’s incarnation of New England Conservatory’s Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice, aka SICPP, aka Sick Puppy! The […]

Review of Uncanny Valley Recording

1 June 2015

Gordon Kerry wrote a gracious and insightful review of Zubin Kanga’s CD, ‘Piano Inside Out‘. Happy to report my contribution – Uncanny Valley – gets a good rap!

Uncanny Valley Premiere Recording

9 May 2015

A recording of Uncanny Valley: Variations & Theme for pianoforte  by acclaimed pianist Zubin Kanga was released on Move Records.  Part of an album titled ‘Piano Inside Out‘, it was one […]

Recording of Complete Piano Works

17 April 2015

Very happy to acknowledge plans for an album of my major piano works, recorded by the formidable Ryan McCullough. Sessions occurred over a few years and included Terraformation, Uncanny Valley and […]

Australian Music Weekend 2015 & The Law Of The Tongue

16 April 2015

Greatly enjoyed the Australian Composition Seminar 2015 at Santa Sabina College, featuring premieres by several local composers, including myself! My contribution was a movement of a string quartet titled The […]

Judith Weir & Torrid Nature Scenes

15 January 2015

Judith Weir, Master of the Queen’s Music, very kindly recommended my album Torrid Nature Scenes!?! Her acknowledgement, discussion of her illustrious position and a review of her latest release The Vanishing […]

Music Matters

15 January 2015

Check out ‘Music Matters‘, a panel session facilitated by Richard Gill involving a bunch of young musicians (including myself) talking about the state of music in the mid 2010s. This […]

Artology Fanfare Competition

25 October 2014

I had the privilege in 2014 to be part of the inaugural Artology Fanfare Competition. Check out its progress below, listen out for its culmination in various venues each year, […]

Torrid Nature Scenes release

28 May 2013

Proud to acknowledge the release by Navona Records of Torrid Nature Scenes, an album featuring The Butcher of Brisbane (concerto for one saxophonist and several saxophones), Economy of Wax (a […]