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Utile Dulci
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2024Ye Mardy Pipers Of Georgianna

2023A Mega Masquerade

2023Fulsome Weight

2023Crowning Perpendicular

2023Mingling Sunburst Minds

2022Processional for Paul


2021Balinese Doily Locks Down

2021Ghost Rails

2020Confessions Of A Pangolin

2019Brink Monsters

2019The Pear & Sweet Plaintain


2018sync_for_me (1): Gothick Yarns, Motley Ridotto & Sweet, Sweet Syllabub

2017Knights of Wybornia

2017Indie Ditties

2017DubStop UnderDrive

2016Of Mount & Meadow

2016Not Alone

2016In Defence Of Toads

2016The Law Of The Tongue

2016My iPhone, Where Are You?

2015An Essayist’s Prayer

2014Doing The Suss & Sassy Sway

2014Dysart’s Changelings

2014A King’s Manifesto

2013Rustling The Deities

2013Narran Place

2013Dowager Sheng Is Just!

2013On The Death Of Pikachu

2013He Calls Me Still

2012Of Rhytonous Things

2012Song For Key Memorisation


2012A Waly Farewell

2011Obsidian Magnified

2011Uncanny Valley

2011Les Effaceurs

2011Contra Benzoid

2011Now Thank We All Our God

2010Disillusionment Of Ten O’Clock

2010Parnell’s Gloom

2010Jury’s Din

2010O’Connell’s Pig


2010Loose, Wet, Perforated

2010Ave Verum

2010Pro Homine

2009Economy Of Wax

2009Triplex Mobilis

2009Golden Callistemon

2008Torrid Nature Scene

2008My Little Schmetterling

2008Three Scenes From Suburbia

2007Highland Lai

2007A Queen’s Paranoia

2007Scavenger Songs

2006Elegy III

2006Monsoon Melancholy

2006Dies Irae

2005The Butcher Of Brisbane

2005Ave Generosa

2005Strawberry Girl

2004Hosanna To The Son Of David

2004Reflection (after Rupert Brooke)

2004Dolmen for New Albion

2004The Hive

2003Leverett Magnificat

2003Amen I

2003The Sepulchre of Love or the Problematical Question of Invowment

2003Proliferative Profligacy


2002At The Palace Gates


2002Oceans Of Cool

2001Against The Dying Of The Light

2001Two Love Songs


2001The Mysterious Demise Of One Brody-Marie

2000Terminus In Time


1999Even Such Is Time


1999O God, you assigned mighty rivers their course



1997Green Desert

1997Insulation From Brazil

1997The Lion’s Country

1997The Mine of God’s Wisdom

1996The Underside Revealed