Ye Mardy Pipers Of Georgianna

3 April 2024

for clarinet, bass clarinet & virtual ensemble

commissioned by Georgina Oakes & Anna Koch

Mingling Sunburst Minds

6 January 2023

for flute/piccolo & virtual ensemble.

Balinese Doily Locks Down

24 December 2021

for clarinet quartet

commissioned for the Sydney Grammar School Clarinet Quartet

Ghost Rails

24 December 2021

for saxophone quartet

commissioned by Jay Byrnes & the Nexas Quartet

Confessions Of A Pangolin

31 December 2020

for string quartet

commissioned by Stephanie Skor & the Lux Quartet

The Pear & Sweet Plaintain

23 January 2019

for countertenor, oboe & harp

DubStop UnderDrive

17 January 2017

for tenor trombone & pipe organ

In Defence Of Toads

3 July 2016

for boy soprano & ensemble

The Law Of The Tongue

6 March 2016

for string quartet

I.  Yuin

II. Hunt

III. Pact

IV. Passing

Commissioned by Limelight Magazine & Acacia Quartet

Selected Other Performance:

Acacia Quartet ~ The Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House; 30 July 2016

See Press for reviews

Doing The Suss & Sassy Sway

17 December 2014

for alto saxophone & pianoforte

Dysart’s Changelings

1 January 2014

for piano quartet

Commissioned by the Australia Piano Quartet 

See Press for review

A King’s Manifesto

1 January 2014

for soprano, percussion & cello

Commissioned by Halcyon, as part of the Kingfisher Project

Released by Tall Poppies

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Rustling The Deities

1 January 2013

for clarinet & piano

Commissioned by Douglas Boyce & counter)induction

 I.  Andante Moderato; Allegretto                                            

           II.  Lento; Piu Mosso 

           III.  Adagietto; Allegretto

           IV.  Moderato; Allegretto; Allegro; Vivacissimo

Selected Other Performance:

Ensemble Offspring (in part) ~ The New Hall, Sydney Grammar School; 22 Nov 2013

See Press for review        

Dowager Sheng Is Just!

1 January 2013

for violin & pianoforte

Commissioned by Seamus McNamara.

Published by Wirripang.

Of Rhytonous Things

11 March 2012

for recorder(s) and harpsichord 

Commissioned by Douglas Boyce & Harmonious Blacksmith

Obsidian Magnified

1 October 2011

for alto flute/piccolo & violin

Commissioned by mmm… (Tokyo), as part of their hibari aid project

Selected Other Performances:

Callithumpian Consort ~ New England Conservatory; 20 June 2012

mmm… ~ Tokyo; 6 Feb 2012  

See Press for review

Contra Benzoid

1 January 2011

for cello quartet

Commissioned by Trish McMeekin (Sydney Grammar School)

Parnell’s Gloom

24 July 2010

for Bb clarinet & viola

Selected Other Performances:

Jane Sheldon, Jason Noble, James Wannan ~ 107 Projects, Redfern; July 18th 2014

See Press for review

Jury’s Din

24 July 2010

for flute & violoncello

Selected Other Performances:

Halycon ~ The New Hall, Sydney Grammar School; 2 June 2012

See Press for review

O’Connell’s Pig

24 July 2010

for violin & double bass

See Press for review

Economy Of Wax

28 April 2009

for soprano, flute/piccolo, viola & harp  

Commissioned by Jane Sheldon, Peter Godfrey-Smith & the Australia Council

Released by Navona Records

Selected Other Performances:

Syzygy Ensemble ~ Melbourne Recital Centre; 10 Apr 2014 

Adrienne Pardee, Callithumpian Consort ~ Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory; 25 Jan 2012

Adrienne Pardee, Tanglewood Music Center Fellows ~ Ozawa Hall, Tanglewood; 25 July 2010

Jane Sheldon, Ensemble Offspring (in part) ~ Australian National University, Canberra; Nov 13th & Australian Museum, Sydney; 19 Nov 2009

Jane Sheldon et al (in part) ~ Halifax; 17 Oct 2009

Jane Sheldon,  Firebird Ensemble (in part) ~ Stanford University; 8 Oct 2009

See Press for reviews

Golden Callistemon

1 January 2009

for flute & prepared pianoforte

Commissioned by Duo Young Music

Selected Other Performances:

Jessi Rosinski, Yukiko Takagi ~ Brown Hall, New England Conservatory;

24 June 2011 & Vermont College of Fine Arts; 12 Aug 2011

My Little Schmetterling

1 June 2008

for soprano & flute

Commissioned by Prana Duo

Selected Other Performances:  

Reiko Manabe et al ~ Kawasaki, Japan; 24 June & Shibuya, Japan; 2 July 2010

Prana Duo (in part) ~ Corner Room, The Middle East, Cambridge MA; 4 May & The Lily Pad, Cambridge MA; 11 May & Community Music Center of Boston; 15 May 2008

Highland Lai

1 January 2007

for piccolo & bass clarinet

Commissioned by Fifth Tier Ensemble in honour of Lee Hyla

Dedicated to Lee Hyla

Selected Other Performance:

Meghan Miller, Amy Advocat ~ The Lily Pad, Cambridge MA; 1 April 2007

Strawberry Girl

1 January 2005

for pianoforte & percussion  

Pno (prepared);   Trgl (2)  Ride Cym (2)  Hi-Hat  CB (5)  Gongs (3)  TB (5)  SD  Sm Tomt  Fl Tomt (2)  BD  Glksp  Vib 

Commissioned by Primary Duo

Selected Other Performances:

(In part) Primary Duo; Community Music Center of Boston; 26 Jan &

Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy; 30 Jan &

The Chromatic Club, Boston; 12 March &

Leverett House, Harvard University; 28 April &

St. Botolph Club, Boston; 25 Oct 2006


1 January 2003

for oboe, alto saxophone, marimba & double bass


Oceans Of Cool

1 January 2002

for piano quintet

Finalist in the 2003 Friday Morning Music Club Washington International Composers’ Competition

Green Desert

1 January 1997

for wind quartet  

Bb Cl  A Sx  F Hn  Bass Cl

Insulation From Brazil

1 January 1997

for horn & tape