Loose, Wet, Perforated

1 January 2010

A Morality Play in Four Ordeals

for soprano, male soprano, contralto, baritone, Bb/bass clarinet, soprano/alto saxophone, tenor trombone, percussion and electronics

Sop  MSop  Alto  Bar  Bb/ Bass Cl  Sop/ Alto Sax  Trom  Perc ( HiHat  Med RCym  VbSl  Cast  L Ch GlGng  SD  Tomt (M L)  WdGng  Gla Bott (3)  Wd Bl (3)  Cwbll (3)  Trg (S M)  Ag Blls (S M)  L Ch Cym  Spr Coil  Br D (M L)  Pd BD  Ratch  BD  Temp Blls (6)  Vib )  Elec

Commissioned by Guerilla Opera

Released by Navona Records

Selected Other Performances:

Guerilla Opera ~ Boston Conservatory; 21, 22, 23, 24 Sep 2016

See Press for reviews

The Hive

1 January 2004

A Chamber Opera in Seven Tableaux

for soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, two keyboardists and electronics 

Sop/ Typewriter  Mezzo/ Drone  Ten/ Handbell/ Typewriter/ Tamb  Bar/ Whip/ Tamb  Bass/ Conga  Elec Kbd/ Pno  Elec Kbd/ Trg Kbd  Tech

Commissioned by ChamberMade Opera

Selected Other Performance:

ChamberMade Opera (in part) ~ Melbourne Opera Centre, Southbank;     17, 18 July 2004

See Press for reviews

The Sepulchre of Love or the Problematical Question of Invowment

1 January 2003

A Farcical Opera or Operatic Farce for soprano, tenor, baritone, bass-baritone & chamber ensemble

Fl,  Ob,  Bb Cl,  Pno,  Vln I,  Vln II,  Vla,  Vlc

Selected Other Performances:

Opera Vista (in part) ~ Opera Vista Festival, Wortham Theatre, University of Houston; 22 May 2009                                            

The Mysterious Demise Of One Brody-Marie

1 January 2001

A Bellow-Drama in Seven Acts for mezzo soprano, baritone, clarinet(s), percussion & pianoforte 

Mezzo  Bar  Eb/ Bb/ Bass Cl  Perc ( Med Trgl  Sm, Med Sus Cym  Sm Tamt  Whip  Bongos (4)  SD  Fl Tomt  TD  Kit  Glsp  Mar )  Pno 

Commissioned in memory of Michael John Howard as the 1999 2MBS-FM Young Composer’s Commission (Sydney)
  1. Prologue
  2. Witness I
  3. Witness II
  4. Witness III + IV
  5. Witness V
  6. Witness VI
  7. VII.  Epilogue

Selected Other Performances:

Griffin Theatre (stage workshop) ~ SBW Stables Theatre, Sydney; 5-9 April 2005

Brian Church, Firebird Ensemble (concert in part) ~ St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Brookline MA; 22 Sep 2004

Sydney University Dramatic Society, Sydney Conservatorium (stage) ~ Cellar Theatre, University of Sydney; 1-3 Nov 2001

ChamberMade Opera ~ North Melbourne Townhall (concert in part); 21, 23 June 2001

Simon Lobelson, Jenny Duck-Chong, Ensemble Offspring, Matthew Wood (concert) ~ Great Hall, University of Sydney;  8 June 2001