Acacia Quartet’s performance of The Law Of The Tongue

Posted on August 3, 2016


classikON, 1 August 2016, Daniel Kaan

“… [The work] changed the view of the harbour to be black and menacing… There was never a dull moment, my attention was riveted at all times.”


Sydney Arts Guide, 3 August 2016, Paul Nolan

“Vines’ exciting four movement work masterfully uses the intensity of the string quartet genre and the timbre of individual instruments to recreate images and action. Mastering the composer’s very modern, challenging and personal performance techniques, Acacia Quartet brought to life the  routine savagery of the whaling industry in this country in a  confronting narrative.

Modern string effects heard in much new music were extended to include Vines’ unique and arresting vocabulary of gesture. At all times Acacia Quartet captivated us as they captured the drama and necessary epic storytelling in this compelling species of programme music.

Law Of The Tongue replaced the suggestive gimmickry sometimes found rippling on the surface of lesser programmatic compositions with deep sonic communication as well as spirituality of place and event.”