Guerilla Opera’s 2016 production of Loose, Wet, Perforated

Posted on September 24, 2016


The New England Theatre Geek, 22 September 2016, Kitty Drexel

“… a multimedia opera ripe with intimate oddity.

… a strange but moderately elegant little beastie… also an unexpected laugh riot… his characters are dealing out Trumpian levels of logic convolution to an not entirely innocent audience. It’s a timely production ready to push buttons.” 


Boston Classical Review, 22 September 2016, Aaron Keebaugh

“No work stands out quite like Nicholas P. Vines’ Loose, Wet, Perforated… Eerie, dark, and thoughtful, Vines’ work made for an experience unlike any other.

… The story, part comedy and part tragedy, poses difficult philosophical questions that are relevant today…

Vines’ colorful music fills the grim story with a sense of unease… conveying the same sort of haunting unfamiliarity one encounters in the music of Harrison Birtwistle.”


The Boston Musical Intelligencer, 26 September 2016, Steven Ledbetter

“Guerilla’s Modern Morality Play Triumphs… as a theater piece, it “went,” holding our attention throughout.”