Move Records’ release of Uncanny Valley

Posted on June 1, 2015


The Music Trust, 1 June 2015, Gordon Kerry

“Gyger’s is a hard act to follow but Nicholas Vines does so more than creditably in his Uncanny Valley… a substantial work of theme and variations. Vines’s music has a playful quality not in huge supply in new music… which is by no means to deny that his is a work of great amplitude… [He] is inclined to play off traditional piano sounds against those of extended techniques to great dramatic effect.”


O’Connell the Music, 16 Sep 2016, Clive O’Connell 

“… The style of writing suggests a world of references – at one point, Boulez without the dynamic leaps; later, a whiff of Cowell and a smidgen of Nancarrow; the grandfather figure of Cage presiding over it all…   a near-Messiaenic ecstasy that makes a vividly affirmative conclusion…”