Navona Records’ release of Hipster Zombies From Mars

Posted on July 14, 2018


Parma Recording, 23 July 2018 

The Inside Story: Nick Vines and HIPSTER ZOMBIES FROM MARS


Australian Music Centre, 30 July 2018, Nicholas Vines

Insight: Hipster Zombies From Mars ~ on reconciling different worlds


SoundCloud, 4  August 2018, Ryan MacEvoy McCullough

Interview with Nicholas Vines


Monsters Out Of The Closet, 28 August 2018, Nicole Calande & Shriya Venkatesh

Episode 11 ~ Nature


Cinemusical, 29 June 2018, Steven A. Kennedy

“One gets a good sense of Vines’ harmonic language, modernist style and intricate integration of form and musical styles… Hipster Zombies will likely inadvertently introduce a number of listeners into the dense forest of modernist contemporary musical approaches in often fascinating music.”


Winnipeg Free Press, 5 July 2018, Holly Harris

“… more intrepid ears will be rewarded with Vines’s imaginative vision… grounded in solid craftsmanship as an album for our modern, unrelenting times.”


pizzicato, 29 July 2018, Remy Franck

“… for entertainment value, you can’t deny these fantasy-full and compositionally complex pieces. Those who want really striking piano music are best served here.”   


Midwest Record, 6 August 2018, Chris Spector

” The pianist and composer Nick Vines spend two discs answering the question of what might have happened if Frank Zappa had the time to really take “Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny” to Pierre Boulez for further exploration rather than chasing jazz from hell. Wild stuff destined for the left leaning hall of fame, in addition to Zappa/Boulez fantasies, you can hear Leonard Bernstein taking “West Side Story” through hell and so much more that you never imagined. Way out there, but with chops.”


BBC Music Magazine, 9 August 2018, Freya Parr

“… the concept is wacky but well-delivered.” 


Ihr Opernratgeber, 3 October 2018, Sven Godenrath

“… dramatic, threatening… An interesting CD of modern classical music, a worthwhile sonic journey which has excited this writer.”