Hipster Zombies from Mars

1 September 2018

Released by Navona Records

YouTube Sampler

Includes Terraformation, Uncanny Valley & Indie Ditties

Ryan MacEvoy McCullough

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Chi’s Cakewalk

14 November 2017



Includes the second & third movement of Rustling The Deities 


Jason Noble, clarinet; Scott Davie, piano


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Loose, Wet, Perforated

13 October 2017

Released by Navona Records


YouTube Sampler


Includes Loose, Wet, Perforated


Guerilla Opera


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6 March 2016

Released by Tall Poppies


Includes A King’s Manifesto




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Tall Poppies          Halcyon 


Piano Inside Out

9 May 2015

Released by Mode Records 


Includes Uncanny Valley 


Zubin Kanga, pianoforte


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Torrid Nature Scenes

19 October 2013

Released by Navona Records 


 YouTube Sampler


See composition pages for content details.

The Butcher Of Brisbane  

Economy of Wax  

Torrid Nature Scene


Callithumpian Consort; Stephen Drury, conductor                                  Eliot Gattegno, saxophones; Adrienne Pardee, soprano                             Jessi Rosinski, flute/piccolo; Derek Mosloff, viola; Franziska Huhn, harp Paula Downes, soprano; Thea Lobo, mezzo-soprano


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